Viu in Residential buildings

A better tenant experience.

Digital information sharing and

booking in multi-family housing.

Improve tenant communication with Viu and replace the outdated, analog bulletin boards. We introduce WallPad – a modern, stylish, interactive screen that enhances communication between property owners, residents, and visitors.

With WallPad, all important information, from resident directories, maintenance announcements, and documentation to public transport departures, is available in one place. For property owners and landlords, administration is greatly simplified through ViuManager, a powerful tool for easily updating the resident directory and other critical information, which automatically synchronizes with most property systems.

Complement with our innovative WallTags and BoxTags, wireless smart devices that are automatically updated via ViuManager, digitizing the process for name changes and eliminating the need for manual handling.

Viu represents the next step in property communication, where technology creates a seamless, efficient, and engaging environment for everyone. Welcome to a digitized, hassle-free future for your property with Viu.

With Viu’s WallPads, we avoid the manual handling of having to take down notes in all our residential buildings, which saves us a lot of time.

There are much fewer administrative tasks for us, for instance during move-ins and move-outs or urgent matters. Moreover, our tenants enjoy a much nicer living environment with WallPad.

Annelie Brandt

Technical system owner, Wallenstam


Replace the outdated, administration-heavy analog bulletin boards and resident directories. With our WallPad, it happens entirely digitally, and you can manage the resident directory yourself or automatically synchronize it from most property systems.

Has the elevator broken down or is there a planned power outage? Important messages can be easily and clearly scheduled and displayed where relevant. WallPad can also show information such as real-time public transport, ventilation and energy documents, and other relevant documents.


WallTag is our digital nameplate that simplifies the move-in and move-out process for residents at apartment doors. WallTag is completely wireless with a long battery life, making it easy to install and maintain. All resident information is automatically synchronized via our administration tool or directly from your property system.


Modernize your existing mail and delivery boxes or complement them when purchasing new ones. Our BoxTags are smart, battery-powered, and can be retrofitted to almost all mailboxes. Resident information as well as move-ins and move-outs are smoothly transferred via our administration tool or syncronize with the existing admin system.


With our smart, wireless, and battery-powered booking displays, it’s both smooth and easy to keep track of and book all types of bookable resources in the property, such as the laundry room or sauna. BookingTag supports most of the commonly used booking systems and can be managed and monitored from our administration tools.

Smart IoT-sensors


With the help of various types of IoT sensors and devices, one can achieve robust monitoring of the property and its functions. The sensors are connected to our WallPads and WallTags via mesh networks, enabling the reading of, for example, temperatures, air quality, the status of doors, and access systems.

At the same time, you can keep an eye on everything happening in the property via the Viu platform, which gives you full control and insight into the property’s functions and events.

Viu RoughTag


RoughTag is an intelligent connected e-ink display that withstands very demanding environments. Energy-efficient with a long battery life of over 5 years, it is controlled and updated automatically via ViuManager.


Here, property companies can easily control and manage their WallPads and other tags, receiving notifications about anomalies. They can also update the resident directory, add new documents, and receive and send data to various types of IoT sensors.

Everything connected – always online.

In the Viu platform, software and hardware are connected in a smart wireless mesh network for easy management, communication with tenants, and monitoring of the property.

Touch screens, nameplates, and sensors are also connected to our administrative system to keep track of everything and ensure that it works.

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