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Viu is a platform for real estate companies to share relevant information with tenants and visitors in public environments through screens such as WallPads and WallTags.


A scalable Tenant Engagement Platform

Residential Properties

With the Viu platform, it’s easy to display and digitally update who lives in the building, both at the entrance, mailboxes, and at each apartment. Everything can be automatically updated from most property management systems. Laundries and other bookable resources can show bookings and available times through our BookingTags.

Commercial Properties

In corporate and commercial properties, Viu is used to share information in the entrance about the tenants and their location in the building, where and when the next bus or train is departing, as well as various types of services in the area. Through our smart conference room displays, it is easy to book and see which rooms are available. In open office landscapes, we have small units that indicate which desks are free. Everything is, of course, connectable with most property and booking systems for easy administration.

Everything connected – always online.

In the Viu platform, software and hardware are connected in a smart wireless mesh network for easy management, communication with tenants, and monitoring of the property.

Touch screens, nameplates, and sensors are also connected to our administrative system to keep track of everything and ensure that it all works smoothly.

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