About us

Viu is a proptech company and part of AllBinary Industries. Today, we are 29 employees and were founded in 2011 with the ambition to lead the development towards smarter and more sustainable housing, offices, and cities. Since the company started, we have always been profitable. This gives us the freedom and opportunity to invest in what we really care about and are passionate about – Happy motivated teams, satisfied customers, product development, and social sustainability.

Our digital platform simplifies life by meeting landlords and tenants’ information and communication needs with a focus on sustainability. Digitizing properties and offering relevant services, all gathered in our Viu platform, creates added value and benefits for both residents and office tenants.

Join our team

Our ambition is that what we do should be fun, inspiring, and something that adds energy rather than the opposite. Therefore, it’s important for us to adhere to a number of principles to feel good both at work and in our free time.

We have a culture where we trust each other and leave a lot of room for personal responsibility and flexibility. Even though the team is partly distributed, we have a great cohesion and regularly meet for strategy sessions at the office and for fun activities outside of the office.

If this sounds like a fit for you, get in touch at work@allbinary.se.